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    Jemma Sargent - Principal Scientist and Director



Jemma Sargent is a Principal Environmental Scientist and the Technical and Business Development Manager of JSA Environmental.  She has over 20 years experience in environmental management, beginning her career at the Australian Museum.  She has qualifications in Applied Science, Information Systems and Statistics.

Jemma specialises in undertaking environmental impact assessments and the design, management and reporting of complex environmental issues.  Jemma has undertaken projects for a variety of mining, infrastructure, government, Defence and industrial clients throughout Australia and internationally. 

Our Strategic Partners

JSA Environmental works with a number of specialist businesses that enhance the range of services provided to our clients.

Mara Consulting

Mara Consulting is a growing agency based in Newcastle and the Hunter Region, specialising in tailored stakeholder engagement, government relations, media management and public relations strategies that get results. 

With experience across sectors including working in the resource sector, local government, working with peak bodies and in issues rich environments, Mara Consulting are responsive, build credibility and protect reputations through the integration of public and stakeholder relations that help achieve your organisational business objectives and vision. 

For more information, visit Mara Consulting's website.

Nation Management Consultants

A Canberra based consulting company providing negotiation, conflict resolution, management and business advisory services to business, government agencies and community organisations.?

National Management Consultants (NMC) specialises in combining a range of services that would usually be expensive and possibly inaccessible to your community or organisation.  NMC do this by providing the opportunity for your community or organisation to deal with only one company. 

Taranis Group

Whether it’s complete mine management, building above-ground infrastructure, contract mining, underground excavations, civil tunnelling, or construction services, Taranis has the resources to support any project, regardless of size, scope, or location.

Taranis can provide the trades, supervision or other personnel necessary to achieve the highest quality and most cost effective solutions to meet your projects requirements, drawing from a well-trained and highly qualified workforce with years of experience.

Taranis excels at working in some of the harshest and most remote environments anywhere. Fly-in and fly-out only sites where even the smallest of logistics, like getting people and materials to site, can be critical. Whether it is coal,base metals, longwall systems, board and pillar mining, or narrow vein open stoping, Taranis has the skills you need.

For more information, visit Taranis Group's website.